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Indie Cotton Route

New Arrivals

  • Black Appliqued Cotton Tunic
  • Red Embroidered Cotton Kurti
  • White Cotton Embroidered Kurta
  • Pink & Multicoloured Patch Work Cotton Tunic With Palazzos
  • Pink Embroidered Kota Cotton Kurta
  • White Appliqued Cotton Tunic
  • Green Appliqued Cotton Tunic
  • Orange Appliqued Cotton Tunic
  • Off-White Muslin Embroidered Kurta
  • Soft Muslin Orange Layered Kurta
  • Off White Muslin Kurta with Embroidered Jacket
  • Navy Blue Yellow Kali Embroidered Kurta
  • Beige Block Printed Cotton Top
  • Off White Cotton Loose Plazzos
  • Pink/Orange Batik Kota Kurta
  • Blue/Yellow Bedcover Pillow and Cushion
  • Pink/Red Bedcover Pillow and Cushion
  • Blue Bedcover Pillow and Cushion
  • Beige/Blue/Red Chanderi Dupatta
  • Blue Chanderi Duppata


"Wow Indie Cotton Route! All thanks to you, I have become the cause of female envy at my workplace! Everyone tells me my personality has changed and I have only you to thank. "

Read More >-Madhumita Kapoor